Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Google Digital Signage

Google is aggressively turning into a broad media company. They have shown the flexibility in their organizational structure (strange for a public company) to try new methods for selling advertising.

Google Advertising Sales Examples:

-- Google Might Sell TV Ads

-- Google is testing a cost per thousand methodology for selling internet advertising.

-- Google is selling rich multimedia advertising banners on their search pages. Google has always been known as the fast search engine because of zero multimedia advertisements.

-- Today we read that Google is selling print ad inventory for consumer and business magazines. See the story Google Readies 'Phase Two' Of Print Ads Project.

Hey Google. Is digital signage media buying next?


Webpavement Digital Signage said...

Here is a follow-up on Google's efforts to get into the selling of print ads. said...

Google just seem to dominate everything so it's no surprise that they've released digital signage. It should be very good.

Charisma Combestra said...

Delivering the right message at the right time is the core tenet of both in-game advertising and digital signage.

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