Tuesday, December 06, 2005

King Kong takes over Times Square

Well yesterday was the premiere of Peter Jackson's remake of the 1933 classic King Kong. In fitting fashion, the premiere was held in Times Square. This was a grand event that featured an unveiling of a huge statue of Kong. In addition, promoters arranged for all the (standard format 4x3 or 16:9) LED signage in Times Square to simultaneously display a three minute video clip of the ape in action played back to back. There are a total of 19 LED displays in Times Square that met the qualifications for display, which made coordinating this a monumental effort. Webpavement managed signage was controlled real time and remotely from our network support center in Georgia using our powerful Sign Administrator and Sign Server software.

It was pretty exciting here at Webpavement. There was a conference call with all of the other major times square LED sign operators. Clear Channel, MTV, LG, Reuters and many others were on the phone synching up our clocks. At a set time, we all displayed a black video clip - then launched the King Kong promotional video at the same time.

You can imagine the scene at night time. Times Square goes DARK - then King Kong is blasted to all of the screens. Very Cool.

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