Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Supermarket Advertising Works - WPP and Mediaedge Study

The Sensor(TM) Study was a national telephone survey released by Mediaedge:cia, a leading media communications specialist company and part of WPP's media investment management company GroupM. No details were released on the number of telephone surveys completed.

Finding of the study:
  • 51% of shoppers still move through all the aisles in the grocery store, making them a perfect target for exposure to in-store media. But most younger shoppers (aged 18-24) do not follow any specific patterns, making it a greater challenge to reach them.
  • 64% of 18-44 year-old grocery store shoppers claim their children influence their brand decision.
  • More than a third of grocery store shoppers say that in-store ads influence them to purchase a new product or to try a different brand than they usually use.
  • 44% of grocery store shoppers notice the average in-store ad. The most noticed are end-aisle displays and store leaflets/magazines; the least-noticed are shopping cart ads and in-store TV.
  • Furthermore, more then 3/4 of those who notice the in-store ads are likely to purchase the advertised brand.
    -- Different age groups respond to different types of in-store media:
    -- Product demonstrations are more effective amongst older shoppers (55-64)
    -- Store leaflets and magazines get best response from shoppers aged 45-54
    -- Shelf signs are more effective amongst 25-44 year-olds
    -- Product packaging, check-out counter ads, and ads around store entrances and parking lots get better results with 35-44 year-olds.

We agree with many of the results of the survey, even the statement that "in-store TV was the least noticed". There are a lack of nationwide in-store deployments within supermarkets, poor television placement, low frequency of fresh content and low vendor advertising support. Telephone survey respondents probably didn't even know about in-store tv, hence the finding that it was least noticed.

This will change as the industry gets smarter about deployments with integrated programs that work.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Digital Signage Benefits from Mass Media and Technology

We understand that we are not original when discussing items that will benefit the digital signage industry. It is a known fact to digital signage insiders that the dilution of mass media will lead to increased opportunity for the digital signage industry.

This post is an effort to aggregate and compile a list of the trends and technologies that are creating advertising chaos within brands, ad agencies and media buying outlets.

In a future blog post or whitepaper we will summarize the top 10 technologies and trends that support a faster growth rate of digital signage.

Please feel free to add comments or email us with your additions. We do not mind if your comments are short.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Digital Signage Industry Report List

We receive numerous inquiries from all over the globe for digital signage research, charts, figures etc. Here are the digital signage fee based business reports. Please let us know if we've missed any. Of course you can always contact Webpavement for assistance with your network opportunities.

Published by : RocSearch Ltd.
Distributed by : Global Information, Inc.
Price: US $1200.00
Published: June 2004
Digital Signage Report Link

Published by : Platt Retail Institute
Distributed by : POPAI
Price: US $750.00 & $250.00
Published: May 2005
Digital Signage Report Link (2 Reports Available)

Published by : Weinstock Media Analysis
Distributed by : Weinstock Media Analysis
Price: US $$30,000
Published: April, 2004
Digital Signage Report Link

Published by : InfoTrends/CAP Ventures'
Distributed by : InfoTrends/CAP Ventures'
Price: US 11,249.00
Published: December 2004
Digital Signage Report Link

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Digital Signage Patent

Ok. This was sent to us by an anonymous blog reader. The following patent application is analogous to the company that tried to patent the click thru (a hyperlink).

This is just too funny. Patenting the entire digital signage industry...only in America ;)

Click to see to the full patent application.

United States Patent Application
Kind Code
Keele, Robert ; et al.
April 21, 2005
Digital media presentation system
A digital media presentation system suitable for use in providing digital signage or similar types of advertising. A video display system is used as an example of a digital media presentation system. The system includes a server that provides a user interface. Through the interface, a user may specify a schedule of assets to be executed on video display units. Execution of assets may result in display of video information in one or more windows on the video display units. Execution of assets may be synchronized within the windows and the information in each window may be coordinated to provide significant flexibility in display of information through the video display system. Application of the invention more generally to digital media presentation systems is also described, using examples of systems that integrate audio and visual information.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Frost and Sullivan Digital Signage Report

In a recently-issued report entitled North American Digital Signage Markets, Frost & Sullivan positioned Webpavement as the Contender. Webpavement - established in 1999 - was also cited as a Top 5 leader in market penetration - higher than Sony, Convergent and Coolsign.

Infocomm Digital Signage Pavilion 2005

Webpavement digital signage would like to thank all of our VARs, customers and potential partners for visiting our booth at Infocomm's inaugural Digital Signage Pavilion. The show exceeded expectations with over 26,000 attendees.

For those of you that swiped your badge for more information, VAR packages or demo accounts - we will be in touch with you soon. If your project is of urgent nature, you can contact us immediately here.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

US Advertising 1st Quarter Results

U.S. Advertising Market Grows 4.4% in First Quarter 2005 to $33.5 billion.

Here are the graphs:

Q1 2005 US Ad spending by media: Chart

Q1 2005 US Ad spending by category: Chart

Source: TNS Media Intelligence

Digital Signage is not a category or media type - yet - but it's coming!