Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Cramer Bullish on Roadside Digital Billboards

Surprisingly, Cramer commented about the potential of the electronic billboard market. On Cramer's CNBC show 'Mad Money' Tuesday, Cramer said buy Lamar and wait for Clear Channel Outdoor.

Billboards are making a comeback, said Jim Cramer on "Mad Money" Tuesday, and he wants viewers to buy Lamar Advertising (LAMR:Nasdaq ). Lamar has ad space on billboards, buses, bus shelters and benches -- all places you can't miss, Cramer noted. Because of the increase in the use of digital video recorders such as TiVo, advertisers are moving away from TV advertising. Other forms of advertising, such as the Internet and billboards, are gaining share.

"You can't TiVo a billboard," he said. Lamar is adding digital billboards, which allow it to show multiple ads on one space and should increase sales. And Nielson is coming out with a rating system for billboard advertising, Cramer said, which should make advertisers more comfortable as the can quantify the effectiveness of their ads.

In response to a question about fellow advertiser Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO:NYSE), which went public last month, Cramer said the IPO pricing was disappointing, and he would avoid the stock. He would look to buy the shares around $16 or $17. Clear Channel Outdoor closed Tuesday at $18.87.


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For tracking purposes, Cramer made the recommendation of Lamar at $47.42.

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Click here for the current Lamar stock price

Webpavement Digital Signage said...

Here is a followup to Cramer's initial analysis. It basically says that Lamar needs to grow revenues. The best path to revenue growth for Lamar will be through the use of digital billboards. Read the column.