Thursday, December 15, 2005

Viacom Outdoor becomes CBS Outdoor

CBS will separate from a new Viacom Inc. at year-end 2005. They are planning to re-brand the outdoor division as "CBS Outdoor". Though this seems to be a small change to us, media analysts are speculating what impact this name change may have on sales.

Typically - on advertising billboards (electronic billboard or vinyl) - you will usually see the media owners name on the bottom of billboards.

CBS will need to consider if they should place "CBS Outdoor" on their billboard. Why? Because competitors may hesitate to advertise on their billboard. As an example of this potential backlash -- do you believe ABC, NBC or Fox Television will advertise their TV programs on CBS billboards? We're not sure - but it does raise the argument of changing the nameplates on the billboards.

Mediapost has a good read on CBS Outdoor.

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