Friday, August 20, 2004

Subliminal Advertising and Digital Signage

This topic entered our thoughts recently as a result of the political advertising controversy between the presidential candidates. Subliminal advertising has been used for a long time according to experts.

Historically, subliminal advertising was used at movie theatres to include a frame of video that flashed, for example an attractive and desirable bucket of popcorn. This resulted in increased sales of popcorn while consumers didn't realize the frame had impacted their decision to buy popcorn.

In the presidential campaign of 2000, the republicans slid the word democrats across a television advertisement. When it slid across the screen, the word "RATS" was subliminally inserted into viewers mindsets. The objective - arguably - was to associate democrats with rodents.

More recently, John Kerry aired a commercial that included the word "GOD" in the background. Republicans argue that Kerry was attempting to subliminally appeal to the religous demographic. The goal would be to depict Kerry as a man of faith.

Can subliminal advertising effect consumers? We believe it can.

Is this an ethical advertising strategy? This is questionable.

Can Webpavement digital signage solutions display subliminal advertising? Absolutely.

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