Monday, August 09, 2004

Digital Signage and Homeland Security

Webpavement is receiving a lot of telephone inquiries asking if digital signage can display terrorism status alerts in support of the Department of Homeland Security. The answer is YES. What's more, Webpavement can send alerts to thousands of screens within 1 hour.

To most callers this appears to be magic and great news. We have had this functionality for years for retailers, but knew these features could be leveraged for outdoor LED threat alert information displays and indoor LCD threat alert information displays.

It's only logical we are receiving these inquiries. With a $40 Billion budget in place, first movers that aggressively target homeland security digital signage systems will reap the most benefits. Companies can profit off the back of this budget.

We encourage companies to let Webpavement technology and your ideas target department of homeland security by pitching threat alert information displays.

Webpavement software is ready for Homeland Security alerts. Webpavement supports:
  1. Real Time Emergency Alerting Functionality
  2. Scheduled Threat Advisory Level Graphics can be sent to thousands of screens within 1 hour
  3. Department of Homeland Security news and current threat advisory levels can be dynamically displayed in a crawling ticker

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Webpavement Digital Signage said...

Homeland security continues to be a hot sector, with government spending projected at upwards of $30 billion in 2005. And Paladin Capital Group is hoping to capitalize, having just closed a $235 million fund that will focus specifically on the area.

This fund, which will go mostly into venture capital investments, is a bit of a shift for Paladin, whose first, $208 million fund was more generalist, primarily focused on middle-market buyouts. The fund, which has held several closes, has already made eight investments in quite varied fields -- most recently in Courion Corp., a provider of identity management software - and the firm promises that it will continue to look at all companies that fall under the homeland security aegis.

Paladin's decision to zero in on just homeland security is a bit unusual in the venture capital area, although there are plenty of private equity firms looking primarily at the sector. In the VC arena -- with the exception of funds with ties to the U.S. government - it's more likely that firms will name homeland security as just one of their areas of expertise, not wanting to limit themselves and perhaps a bit off by a sector dominated by big defense firms. The firms that are focused solely on homeland defense often have a different homeland -- Israel - like the Challenge Fund -- Etgar, which said in April it was raising its third fund dedicated to homeland security.