Monday, August 02, 2004

Sony Digital Signage Flip Floppers

Sony surprised many in the digital signage space when they announced at Infocomm 2004 Atlanta they would be stopping R&D on the NSP-100 player and going with a new player called the NSP-1.

Sony marketed the NSP-100 as a non-pc appliance and spent a lot of money claiming that a PC is not the way to go for digital signage networks. Do any of you readers remember the Marketing Glossies they distributed at Infocomm last year? The handout was titled "A play by play comparison" and it attempted to show their player was superior to the PC. Then Sony flip-flopped and introduced the NSP-1 at this year's Infocomm, which is a PC and is based on Linux.

By the way - they don't even make this product. Here is the true manufacturer for their new invention:

Good thing Sony's digital signage marketers aren't running a political campaign or they'd be labeled a flip flopper. Webpavement is a refreshing alternative to Sony's undecisive products in the digital signage market.

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