Monday, August 23, 2004

Digital Signage Restroom Concept

From time to time I have digital signage concepts that I feel are good concepts for digital signage businesses. For now I'll just talk about one. It's called RESTROOM.TV. Let's face it, restrooms are everywhere. Casinos, bars, hotels, public facilities, retail, churches, and everywhere else you can possibly think of.

One particular application that peaks my interest is office buildings. Buildings have tons of restrooms where business people use them multiple times a day. These people are in the middle of doing business and in a position to act on your promotion. Let's walk through a potential sales scenario. You have RESTROOM.TV installed in a office building where 500 business people work. You approach the nearby deli to advertise on your network. Your value proposition is that you can deliver lunch promotions to hungry people that will be going out to lunch soon. These same people go out to lunch several times a week. This is just one example of a good sales prospect for your network.

This application puts a neat twist on b2b advertising. Say your network is in a building where the people that work there make health insurance purchasing decisions for fortune 500 companies. Health insurance providers would pay premium prices to advertise their services in a place where the audience is made up of people that are making the big buys.

This concept on a larger scale has even more characteristics of a powerhouse application.

Webpavement makes RESTROOM.TV and applications like it come to life.

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