Friday, August 06, 2004

Looking for a Digital Signage Single Solution Provider?

Why are companies considering deploying digital signage networks looking for a single solution provider for all their digital signage needs? There are some benefits to contracting with a single source provider to meet your digital signage project needs. For instance, you typically will have a single point of contact for consulting/engineering, product acquisition, installation, operations, support and billing. Resource strapped companies are increasingly looking for a 'one stop' shop to meet all their small digital signage project needs. This approach works well for simple digital signage projects with clear requirements; and this is why we launched DSN Direct. DSN Direct is an online digital signage superstore where potential digital signage customers can learn about various components from many different manufacturers in a digital signage implementation and order the right products for their needs.

In more complex digital signage implementations, this approach doesn't work so well. The truth is - execution of a larger digital signage implementation requires diligent requirements definition, planning, and research in compiling best of breed technologies that ensure a scalable, robust, open and reliable platform. Selecting a single source provider to meet all your digital signage needs will likely not bring success as 'digital signage' firms must have core competencies in the digital signage value proposition. Otherwise they dilute their value by trying to be all things to all people. For instance, should display manufacturers be condiered a viable source for content management and distribution solutions? Should content management solutions include content creation tools? Careful, don't box yourself into a proprietary and unopen solution.

Instead, let Webpavement consultants work for you to fully define your requirements and look for best of breed solutions to meet those needs. Webpavement has experience and competencies in information technology, networking, systems integration, pro av, media creation and other skills needed to offer a total solution for digital signage.

Contact us to schedule a callback from one of our knowledgeable personnel.

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