Monday, February 20, 2006

eBay to sell Media?

Some of the nation's biggest advertisers got a pitch from a surprise media buying "solutions provider"--online auction service eBay.

OnlineMediaDaily reports that eBay was invited by the Association of National Advertisers Television Advertising Committee to present ideas for building an electronic trading system for buying and selling media.

As you know, there have been some strange auctions at eBay in the past for advertising. Now - for eBay to seriously consider being a media buying solutions provider - this is serious business.

This may be good news for our smaller digital signage network owners. If eBay turns out to be a good platform for selling digital signage advertising, maybe we'll see more smaller regional networks implemented.

Google is dabbling in outdoor as well. An analyst at Jupiter research suggests that Google's Next Frontier is Outdoor. We have also hinted that Google may enter into digital signage.

We'll keep a watch on eBay and Google and it's effect on digital signage -- then post findings on this blog.

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