Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Digital Signage - Conservative Alternative Advertising?

Foreheads, skulls, arms, chests and hair etc.. Body parts auctioned off on eBay as human ad placements is becoming commonplace. Some businesses are being started solely for this purpose.

There is a lot of buzz surrounding alternative advertising (guerilla, stealth, viral, human) advertising that appears to be effective.

The most recognized example is the $30,000 contract a man from Nebraska received for wearing an advertisement on his forehead. He sold his forehead as ad space on ebay to Snore Stop. The winner was invited on Good Morning America and other news outlets. I suppose this is his 15 minutes of fame. I snore - perhaps I should buy a bottle.

A woman just sold her pregnant belly on ebay to golden palace casino for $4000. From the look of her stomach, it doesn't look like she has long until she gives birth.

Just a few days ago, Detroit Pistons guard Richard Hamilton wore the pattern of Goodyear's Assurance TripleTred tire pattern as a hairstyle during the game against the Knicks in Detroit.

It is obvious that this type of advertising creates Buzz. Do a search on forehead in ebay today and you will find a long list of copy cats - or perhaps smart people that are taking advantage of the buzz.

Digital Signage is conservative in comparison to the human advertisement campaigns. The objective - however - is the same. To promote, brand and sell product.

What we found interesting is the ebay factor. We have a number of digital signage network customers that need help selling advertisements.

Perhaps ebay is a viable outlet for brokering digital signage ad space.

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