Thursday, January 19, 2006

Gartner Group on Retail Digital Signage

Analyst firms such as Forrester Research, CAPV / InfoTrends, Platt Retail Institute and others recognize a strong market for digital signage. The Gartner Group is now part of the analyst community covering digital signage.

The Gartner Group says up to 28 per cent of companies are deploying, or will deploy digital signage by the end of the year, and another 33 per cent expect to do so after 2006.

Read the article from IT Week's UK Magazine here: Gartner discusses its predictions for retailers' IT use

See this page for Webpavement's International digital signage contact information.


Kara Kay said...

Pod Digital Promotions is an example of just that. Not only is it a digital signage system, it also integrates print literature!!! One of a kind system that should be in retail environments.

Las Vegas Signage said...

Digital signage will also prove invaluable in providing timely in-store sales and product education to employees while keeping them up-to-date about the organization and its offerings.