Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Retail TV Checkout Channel

Following a year long pilot, PRN announced it would be implementing a Check Out channel at Wal Mart stores. This is a very interesting model. The Wal Mart TV network is now a hybrid network. In other words, they are using the broadcast signal for tv displays within the stores (aisles, end caps etc.) and a narrowcast signal to checkout tv displays. The checkout tv displays will show localized content such as weather. Read the AKA story.

pssst.. Webpavement technology can run mixed mode networks.

The response from the ad agency / media crowd is mixed. Veterans in the media industry witnessed NBC and Ted Turner install checkout channels in the past. These 2 networks were too costly and arguably ahead of their time. Read Media Post's riff on the Checkout Channel.

In today's multi-channel, fragmented media environment - digital signage deserves the attention and traction that we are experiencing.

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