Thursday, October 06, 2005

Digital Signage Bandwidth II

Previously we posted an article about bandwidth as it relates to the future of digital signage. The first bandwidth topic was WIMAX.

We'd like to introduce you to a new technology in the bandwidth category. The technology is called Evolution Data Optimized (EVDO). EVDO is basically wireless cellular broadband access. EVDO works most everywhere your cell phone does. EVDO has about a 10 mile range from every Verizon or Sprint Cell Phone Tower.

EVDO offers high speed connections for your digital signs without wiring! This opens up new locations for digital signage including taxi cabs, roadside, subway entrances and other locations where property owners do not want you to intrude on their location with new infrastructure. Remember - no wiring is required for your digital signs - with the exception of power. Download speeds average 400-700 kbps and are capable of reaching up to 2.0Mbps.

EVDO meets the bandwidth and security requirements of both indoor and outdoor digital signage.

Verizon has been advertising this techology on television very heavily as of late. Coined Verizon Broadband Access, they claim to have the largest high speed wireless network in the US currently representing 84 markets, 140 million users and 426 US airports. Verizon is expanding the service coast to coast in the United States.

Webpavement will have an exciting announcement for digital signage as it relates to EVDO very soon.

EVDO is based on the CDMA 2000 standard and is expected to grow in Brazil, Japan, Korea, Israel, Australia and Canada.To learn more about EVDO, visit the Wikipedia encyclopedia information of EVDO.