Monday, May 09, 2005

Times Square advertising business annual estimate

The overall annual Time Square advertising business is estimated to be worth $69 million. Cost-per-thousand-viewers impressions for the area range from $2 to $5, compared to around $20 for a prime-time network TV buy.

The One and Two Times Square buildings have 11 spaces for digital signage advertising. Monthly advertising rates for the 11 spaces on the two landmarks are estimated at $200,000 to $350,000 each.

According to media sellers, the rental prices for ad real estate varies widely depending, in part, on size and -- like everything else in Manhattan -- location. Electronics giant LG is said to be paying $165,000 per month for its corner-wrapping placement space above Planet Hollywood at 45th street and Broadway. The Mountain Dew sign just below it goes for $175,000 a month. Washington Mutual's six-story-high three-dimensional display of a giant beanstalk section topped by a castle costs $165,000 a month.

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