Thursday, March 24, 2005

Strategy Research Institute - Retail Advertising Quick Takes

The Strategy Institute is a research-based organization which monitors and communicates changes and trends in business and business strategy.

The Strategy Institute is holding it's second digital signage advertising conference April 26TH & April 27TH, 2005 • new york city, ny.

Quick Take (src: SRI):

Business Opportunities and Advertising Techniques to Capitalize on America’s Fastest-Growing Ad Medium

Digital Signage is Transforming the Way You Do Business!

-- Receives 10 times the eye contact of static signage
-- Boosts sales of new products advertised on in-store digital signage by 30% to 300%
-- Increases revenue by more than 30% for profiled products
-- Reduces customers’ perceived wait times by 15% or more
-- Saves advertising dollars (CPM of only $2 to $6)

Check this blog frequently as Webpavement will recap any significant market forecasts and other data as a result of this conference.

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Matrix Department - Chris Conlon said...

Great statistics to add into our literature!

We charge a CPM or about 2.00 for malls and are thinking about a CPM of 6.00 for supermarkets. It compares closely to radio. What about price for theaters using Webpavement :) on projectors for the movie screen and plasmas in the lobby. Any ideas on CPM?
We will use a 5 min loop if that makes any difference.