Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Christie Sprinkler Mishap @ NSCA 2005

During the NSCA show, a sprinkler head broke directly above the Christie booth. The alarm system started beeping and the lights were flashing across the show floor. This happened in the brand new Orange County Convention Center expansion.

Rather than exiting the convention center, hundreds of voyeuristic exhibitors and attendees flocked to see what happened rather than exiting the convention center. Yes - we are guilty too. Christie did get a lot of branding as a result of the sprinkler shower.

Here is a video for those interested:
Video Clip (6.35MB WMV)

If Christie employees are reading this - it wasn't Barco that ignited the sprinkler system above your booth. Joking aside - we believe NSCA cleaned everything up and provided an open bar for Christie's booth the next couple of days. Yes - alcohol brings in booth traffic.

Not sure if NSCA or the convention center provided any financial compensation. We're interested to hear if there's more to the story. Post a comment if you have any info..

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