Friday, September 10, 2004

What does Webpavement Mean?

We are frequently asked what the name Webpavement means? I'll start by saying: YES Webpavement is a digital signage company, not to be confused with a paving company.

One of our advertisements visually depicts our name and company vision the best - 'Paving the Roads of the World's Busiest, Most Profitable Intersections'.

History: in 1999 company naming trends were e-, web- and other naming conventions that were targeted towards network and business infrastructure. Companies such as V-Brick, BitPipe, Network Engines, Data Pipe, NetGear and others made company naming decisions to indicate infrastructure.

If you have a look at our logo, you'll notice that their is a W and a P on the yellow bars which turns out to be WP - short for Web Pavement.

The web portion of our name is easy to explain. From the beginning, we knew digital signage networks should be managed centrally through a web based system - hence the 'Web' portion of our name.

The 'pavement' is a play on rock solid and infrastructure. Our solutions are used by many as the underlying technology (i.e. plumbing) for distributed digital signage networks.

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