Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Firms' emphasis on visibility a sign of the times

Opportunities for outdoor LED advertising signage is a growth market waiting to happen. Outdoor electronic billboards are not just applicable for Times Square anymore.

Location, Location, Location in commercial real estate will soon include digital Signage, digital Signage, digital Signage.

Today, businesses negotiate leases on high rise buildings with a high emphasis on outdoor building signage. The branding opportunity for building signage is particularly attractive in areas with traffic problems, such as Atlanta's downtown connector. Commuters spend hours every day in bumper to bumper traffic with nothing to do except talk on the phone and look around at billboards.

The Atlanta Jounal Constitution had an article (9-6-2004-author Maria Saporta) about revenues generated from high rise building signage. It discussed a trend in Atlanta that we believe is present in all major cities in the United States and abroad.

Firms are paying large sums of money for company logo space on buildings for branding purposes. With many interstates converging in downtown Atlanta, building logo's can capture 500,000 eyeballs a day. Downtown logo signage contracts are being signed for $50,000+ annually according to the article.

The building signage deals in metro Atlanta have largely been static back lit signage. Our question is -- if the demand for signage is high-- doesn't this indicate the need for building's management companies to look into LED signage. More logo space is available with an electronic billboard.

As a matter of fact, LED's in today's environment can do more than display logo's - they can now display targeted full motion video advertisements. Now, let's think of the big picture. Advertising LED signs can be installed in vacant lots and other downtown areas specifically for advertising revenue. LED display prices from manufacturers such as Barco are not as far out of reach as one might think.

Webpavement believes LED advertising billboards will become more prevalent in metropolitan areas by forward thinking media companies, such as Clear Channel Outdoor. The opportunity has arrived and the business opportunity is real.

Contact a Webpavement representative to discuss opportunities and ideas for outdoor networked LED advertising screens in your area.

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