Friday, September 24, 2004

Digital Signage >> Services Opportunity

Gary Kayye of Kayye consulting recently syndicated an article that discusses the need for developing a services side of audio visual solutions and sales.

A segment of his article notes the following:

It all started less than half-dozen years ago with the words "street price" being placed on projector press releases -- repositioning the list price. Then, within 14 months, the average dealer margin for selling projectors dropped for most dealers from about 28% to less than 15%. And, now it's well less than 10%.

Webpavement concurrs with Gary's assessment of pro a/v product sales. With the commoditization of many of the displays on the market today - including plasma and lcd - margins are decreasing and businesses must review their businesses and re-engineer their business models to support this trend.

Digital Signage is a market segment that has tremendous services opportunity. See this chart that was used in a Sony presentation for the projected opportunity in the services side of the digital signage market. Note: Webpavement believes this chart lacks the business consulting associated with digital signage projects.

When selling Digital Signage solutions, your business must have or build capabilities in (1) Information Technology and Networking (2) Content Creation and Encoding and (3) Professional Audio Visual services. You will also need to be prepared to offer (4) business advice and consulting.

Your customer WILL ask questions in all of the above areas. This should translate into services opportunity from your stand-point.

Webpavement has been around the block and has competencies in all service areas related to digital signage. We invite you to partner with us for your digital signage projects and we'll assist you in addressing these in-evitable services requirements.

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