Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Focus Media Portfolio Grows

Focus Media today announced a 70 screen network of 5' x 5' LEDs. Focus Media's new LED network targets Shanghai's high pedestrian traffic counts.

See the release: Focus Media Adds Outdoor LED Network to Its Out-of-home Media Platform

Focus Media now boasts 70,000+ digital signs, 90,000+ plus static poster signs and an undetermined number of cellphone screens.

Over 1500 advertisers have purchased insertions on Focus Media's network.

Why don't we have a Focus Media comparable in the United States?


VFML, inc said...

To answer your question, why don't we have a Focus Media in the US-
in the cities where you'd want these signs to be, local signage laws are strict. Permits are tough to get from the city. Places where you can get the permits, there isn't the traffic that you need for an roi.

Webpavement Digital Signage said...

Agree on the outdoor assessment. However, the FMCN network is primarily in commercial buildings and in-store establishments.

jcwang said...

FMCN runs low tech, non-networked media players behind all screens. Sneakernet may work in China, but it certainly does not work in the U.S. ROI calculations can vary for the two worlds.