Wednesday, April 05, 2006

CNN Money on Digital Billboards

CNN Money senior writer Paul R. La Monica reports the rising interest in billboards - and more importanty - digital billboards.

Lamar and Clear Channel outdoor are highlighted in the article.

Here's an excerpt:

For one, billboards, unlike other "older" forms of media, have not faced the same pressure from the Internet, iPods, satellite radio, TiVo and other technology. When you're driving on a highway, the only way to not see a billboard is to not look out your windshield. Needless to say, that's not a good idea.

"Technology helps people avoid other advertisements, but we are the one unavoidable media. There is no mute button, no off switch. You can't change the channel. We're there," said Paul Meyer, the global president of Clear Channel outdoor.

In fact, technology is actually something that could help Clear Channel Outdoor and Lamar in the near future. Both companies are testing digital billboards, LCD screens that can change advertisements instantaneously through Internet connections.

That's a far cry from the old vinyl billboards that only get changed every couple of weeks (or sometime months). "For our industry, technology is no longer a threat, it's just an ally. Digital displays eliminate the biggest disadvantage to outdoor right now, which is that we are a relatively slower acting cumbersome media," Meyer said. "With digital signage, there will be no limitations on how often and when advertisers
change their ads."
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LED Screen Authority said...

Within the next few years outdoor digital billboards will be able to easily display content downloaded in real-time from a sort of RSS feeder.

The content provider will just select the topic (eg. weather, news, stock exchange) to be displayed together with the ads.