Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Digital Signage Patent

Ok. This was sent to us by an anonymous blog reader. The following patent application is analogous to the company that tried to patent the click thru (a hyperlink).

This is just too funny. Patenting the entire digital signage industry...only in America ;)

Click to see to the full patent application.

United States Patent Application
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Keele, Robert ; et al.
April 21, 2005
Digital media presentation system
A digital media presentation system suitable for use in providing digital signage or similar types of advertising. A video display system is used as an example of a digital media presentation system. The system includes a server that provides a user interface. Through the interface, a user may specify a schedule of assets to be executed on video display units. Execution of assets may result in display of video information in one or more windows on the video display units. Execution of assets may be synchronized within the windows and the information in each window may be coordinated to provide significant flexibility in display of information through the video display system. Application of the invention more generally to digital media presentation systems is also described, using examples of systems that integrate audio and visual information.

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