Thursday, June 23, 2005

Digital Signage Benefits from Mass Media and Technology

We understand that we are not original when discussing items that will benefit the digital signage industry. It is a known fact to digital signage insiders that the dilution of mass media will lead to increased opportunity for the digital signage industry.

This post is an effort to aggregate and compile a list of the trends and technologies that are creating advertising chaos within brands, ad agencies and media buying outlets.

In a future blog post or whitepaper we will summarize the top 10 technologies and trends that support a faster growth rate of digital signage.

Please feel free to add comments or email us with your additions. We do not mind if your comments are short.


Anonymous said...

Internet Access

Broadband internet service is dropping in price.

Broadband is available nationwide via wired, wireless or satellite connections.

Free Wireless Networks in metro areas are being built.

Long range wireless broadband technologies are on the horizon.

Webpavement Digital Signage said...


According to research group Accenture about 10% of television ads could be skipped using DVR technology by the year 2009. This is based on projections that by that time 40% of U.S. homes will have DVRs in-home. Right now 8% of homes have them resulting in 2% of commercials (really, just 2%?) being skipped. The shift, combined with the ever increasing move by audiences to cable, in viewing habits is likely to influence television advertising buys. Mediums where groups are more easily targeted, like the internet, are expected to pick up the money advertisers would otherwise have thrown at TV.

Anonymous said...

Broadband pricing will continue to fall.

See this article from the associated press:

Competition Slashing Costs of Broadband

collin said...

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