Saturday, February 05, 2005

Jacksonville Int'l Airport prepares Digital Signage

Jacksonville is host to Super Bowl XXXIX. Many preparations were made city-wide to get ready for the hundreds of thousands that will be visiting this fabulous city.

Over at the airport, Webpavement has been busy working on-site with the Jacksonville Airport Authority to make sure the baggage claim plasmas, NEC matrix video wall and gate displays are ready for the influx of visitors. All displays are Webpavement enabled.

Advertising and sponsorship interest has been very high for video advertising for some time - now it's showtime! Run the ads according to media buy terms and prove the ads were played. These tasks will be handled with Jacksonville Airport's on location Sign Server.

Since Philadelphia knocked out our beloved Atlanta Falcons, we hope to see them succeed with a ring. However, we wouldn't advise betting against the New England Patriots who are attempting to build a dynasty with their 3rd Super Bowl title in the last 4 years.


Anonymous said...

How about some photo's of installation.

Webpavement Digital Signage said...

Jacksonville International Airport Digital Signage pictures have just been posted to our case studies page.