Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Digital Signage Update Article on Clear Channel's 'Digital Street Network'

An article written by Apogee Partners was email blasted to a large opt-in email base today by broadcast engineering. The article discussed lessons learned from the 1 year anniversary of the largest LED network installed in the world - 80 street level LED displays located at Manhattan subway entrances.

A correction must be pointed out.

A bullet point in the article discussed the need to “Ensure content integrity and security.”. They then went on - for some reason - to discuss a digital signage provider called ADSN that can provide these measures.

Webpavement wanted to point out that ADSN has nothing to do with Clear Channel's Digital Street Network. The network is completely secure and the security measures implemented should be credited to UDN, Webpavement and Verizon Wifi / WiFi-Plus.

UDN is the network operator.
Webpavement is the underlying digital signage software.
Verizon is the wifi broadband provider using WiFi-Plus equipment.

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