Friday, December 17, 2004

Digital Signage Market Forecasts

Upstarts and other firms commonly ask Webpavement about the forecasted market size for Digital Signage when putting together their business plans. Here is the list that we have to date from various research firms. We will update this as new forecasts are published.

$2.4 Billion by 2009
allocation: 50% Displays / 50% Software & Services

Shenkan & Assoc:
$4.1 Billion by 2007
allocation: 50% Displays / 50% Software & Services

CAP Ventures:
$2 Billion by 2006
allocation: 50% Displays / 50% Software & Services

Weinstock Media Analysis
$2.23 Billion by 2008
allocation: not supplied

note: allocations are estimated.

Webpavement can assist your organization with your efforts in capitalizing on these opportunities.


Nicolas said...

Is this US figures or Worldwide ?


Anonymous said...

North America.

DeLuxe said...

Hi - great initiative posting this info!!
If you could also indicate the per annum growth rates (CAGR) calculated in the reports, it would be paradise!

collin said...

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