Friday, October 08, 2004

Very Interesting AKA Newsletter Story

AKA is a global industry news resource that publishes monthly publications and articles on digital signage. News stories from around the globe are submitted and made available for digital signage industry observers, ad agencies, media companies, digital signage vendors, service providers, VAR's, integrators and others interested or involved in the growing digital signage industry.

Approximately 23 new articles were released in the latest issue (Sept. 04).

One article that stood out to Webpavement was titled:

"Two Chinese Narrowcasting Firms Attract Foreign Investment, Prepare For NASDAQ IPOs During 2005".

These firms are planning aggressive moves into the United States and abroad. The two Chinese media companies are:

  1. Target Media Holdings, Ltd. - received $15 million in funding from Carlyle Group and is planning a 2005 $150 Million Nasdaq IPO
  2. Focus Media Holding Co., Ltd - received $40 Million in funding from Softbank and is planning a 2005 Nasdaq IPO


For media companies, signage companies, display manufacturers and entrepreneurs in the United States, Europe and other locations - aggressive digital signage plans and public announcements must be initiated to remain competitive.

For smaller businesses involved or considering digital signage networks, digital signs should be installed in attractive locations with technology that you can count on. Be prepared for digital signage network consolidation.

Webpavement can assist both small and large companies currently involved in or considering digital signage.

Contact us to begin a discussion to capatalize on the inevitable growth opportunities in the digital signage market space.

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