Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Digital Retailing Expo - Clarity Presentation

More Digital Retailing Expo commentary.

After speaking with digital signage industry friends that attended the Clarity workshop, they all concurred that this session was an enlightening presentation and well worth the cost of admission.

Tim Spence's (Clarity) presentation was titled:

Successful Digital Merchandising

The presentation summarized digital signage, showcased some of their success stories and discussed some consumer and technology trends.

Here is an excerpt from his presentation that describes today's consumer and the state of mass marketing:

The “Disruptive” Consumer
–More diverse
–Works longer
–More pressed for time
–Less tolerant of delays or bad information
–Shorter attention span

State of Mass-Marketing
–Mass media increasingly ineffective
–More TV channels / publications than ever before
–No-call list / “Spam” blockers
–Tivo and XM radio

The meat of the presentation discussed Clarity’s Approach to Successful Digital Retailing. They recommend and employ a 3D methodology (not 3-dimensional in the technical sense). Clarity description of 3D is:
  1. Define - program objectives, ROI, existing processes etc.
  2. Design - content, network, SW/HW, screen placement etc.
  3. Deploy - install, poll/interview, track

note: this methodology employs a life cycle approach that continually improves the digital signage program and success factors over time. it's basically a model that continually re-visits the 3D steps - even post deployment. the end result is recurring revenue for the service provider and an end customer that is pleased with their decision in deploying a digital signage network.

Webpavement is partnered with Clarity for large digital signage networks and supports Clarity's 3D methodology to emphasize structured deployments. The 3D approach enables successful project management and includes all stakeholders in the process including the IT department, marketing and other stakeholders/3rd parties. For more information on 3D, contact Clarity Visual or Webpavement to begin a discussion on your digital signage planning.

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