Friday, November 18, 2005

Digital Signage Hot New Madison Avenue Trend

Well - digital signage is continuing to gain traction. During a recent gathering in New York for the Traffic Audit Bureau's Out-of-Home Advertising Forum, out-of-home digital signage is proving to be a hot new trend according to marketers, agencies and outdoor media vendors.
Just as other major media--online, cell phones, hand-held devices, and cinema--are emerging as new "screens" for distributing TV-like commercials, new digital billboards are making outdoor the next big screen--literally. "You really have a chance to think of it as a video medium just like television," said John Marson, senior manager-media planning at packaged goods giant Kraft Foods, reflecting a sentiment echoed throughout the conference. Asked how marketers like Kraft might feel about paying higher, more TV-like advertising rates for shorter interval digital outdoor ad messages, Marson said, "It will be compared to television. There will be the big challenge--getting the right metrics."

The article "Ad Execs Begin Thinking Of Outdoor As TV Calls For New Metrics" goes on to describe a number of benefits for the digital signage industry.

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