Tuesday, November 02, 2004

U.S. Political Advertising Spending Reaches $1.45 Billion

According to this article, political advertising budgets in the United States from political advertising was about $1.5 billion USD in just year 2004.

Webpavement believes this depicts an opportunity for digital signage and other alternative media forms.

If you look at the chart in the article, you will notice that Internet advertising was included. This is great news for alternative media outlets - it represents a fragmented advertising market and the need to narrowcast to consumers and citizens. What's more, it shows that alternative media runs through a cycle of advertiser adoption - then becomes mainstream.

Do you remember when advertisers were skeptical about Internet advertising? Google's recent quarterly revenue was close to $1 Billion USD.

Webpavement believes that the digital signage industry will follow similar trends and adoption cycles that internet advertising went through. Now, a large majority of all major corporations and media buys include internet advertising.

Alternative placed based media strategists, entrepreneurs and investors/venture capitalists should start considering Digital Signage as the next big investment or business.

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