Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Inaugural Digital Signage Post

Welcome to Webpavement's Blog Spot for digital signage. Webpavement employees will post messages here to (1) address topics that we find interesting or are frequently asked and (2) promote awareness of Webpavement and the digital signage industry.

There are many other terms for this industry according to Bill Collins AKA website including captive audience networks  ·  narrowcasting  ·  digital media networks  ·  datacasting  ·  electronic billboards digital signage · electronic display networks · out-of-home media networks · digital in-store merchandising · retail media networks intelligent visual information systems  ·  place-based media  ·  captive audience networks  ·  datacasting  ·  ·digital media networks

Webpavement has settled in on Digital Signage as the industry term.

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